Teacher Contact List

St. Brigid School Staff

St. Brigid School has a dedicated staff of ten full-time teachers, and four part-time teachers (technology, music, physical education, and advanced math). There are three teacher’s aides, three auxiliary staff (intervention specialist, counselor, and speech and language therapist), one secretary and a principal.

On average our teachers have taught for eleven years with many teaching their entire career at St. Brigid or in Catholic education. Two have taught more than twenty years and nine have taught more than ten years.

2016-2017 Faculty and Staff (Click on highlighted names to e-mail.  If nothing happens when you click on a name, it means you do not have a default e-mail set up on your computer or other device.  We have provided the e-mail address so that you can cut and paste into your e-mail.)

• Mr. Terry Adkins, Principal  –  tadkins@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Dee Brown, Secretary  –  dbrown@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Kim Brown, Preschool  –  kbrown@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Heather Ayers, Kindergarten  –  hayers@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Nancy Sandlin, Grade One  –  nsandlin@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs.Carol Keating, Grade Two  –  ckeating@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Julie Haynes, Grade Three  –  jhaynes@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Pam Greco, Grade Four  –  pgreco@stbrigidxenia.org
• Ms. Katula, Grade Five  –  rkatula@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. McGlothen, Grade Six Homeroom  –  tmcglothen@stbrigidxenia.org
• Ms. Wittmann, Grade Seven Homeroom  –   jwittmann@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mr. Royce Silverwood, Grade Eight Homeroom  –  rsilverwood@stbrigidxenia.org
• Ms. Anne Shoup, Music  –  ashoup@stbrigidxenia.org
• Ms. Jan Abel, Physical Education  –  jabel@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Deb Rudd, Technology  –  drudd@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Cathy Tate, Clerk/School Aide – ctate@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mrs. Peggy Wiles, School Aide

Auxiliary Personnel

• Mrs. Kim Cole, Speech and Language Therapist
• Mrs. Dorothy Weiss, Intervention Specialist  –  dweiss@stbrigidxenia.org
• Mr. Steve Harris, Counselor