Mrs. Heather Ayers

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Heather Ayers and it is a blessing to be the Kindergarten teacher at St. Brigid Catholic School. I am enthusiastic about teaching and honored to teach in a catholic school! Kindergarten is a joyous time for making friends and our days and weeks will be filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

If you have any specific questions about St. Brigid Kindergarten, please contact the school office or feel free to email me at

I also welcome parents considering St. Brigid to come in and observe my teaching style and the culture of St. Brigid Kindergarten and school.  We love visitors!!!!

Education and Background

This year is my sixteenth year of teaching kindergarten in a catholic school and my sixth year at St. Brigid.  I have an undergraduate degree in music, Ohio license with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education (PK-3) as well as an Ohio Non-Tax Certificate in Education Administration; I have also completed courses toward a moderate to intensive intervention specialist endorsement, reading endorsement, as well as dyslexia certification, to include courses titled Advanced Phonics and The Multi-sensory Classroom. I completed certification in the nationally recognized Project Wild curricula as well as Inquiry Adventures.   I am a certified catechist that is actively participating in continuing education through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catechist Certification Program (VOCARE).

Prior to teaching kindergarten, I worked for several years as a coordinator of religious educator for an Early Childhood Program, VBS and Parish School of Religion. I have previously held positions as a preschool coordinator, preschool teacher, and children’s choir director and also have several years of business management experience.

Teaching Philosophy and Style

I am enthusiastic about teaching kindergarten!  I believe all children are individual learners and have unique learning styles. I am dedicated to providing an intentionally planned, developmentally appropriate environment for our kindergarten learners.  My goal is to plan and implement lessons that provide each student engaging opportunities to experience the curriculum. I will integrate the teachings of our catholic faith into all of the happenings of our kindergarten day. The first few weeks of school, I will focus on getting to know one another as well as establishing a strong sense of belonging.   To inform my planning and instruction, we will engage in activities and lessons that will allow me to observe and record your child’s current learning styles as well as their level of reading, writing and math readiness. I will plan and implement a balance of whole group, small group and individual instruction that is teacher lead and influenced by the interests of the students.  I will allow children the opportunity to problem solve and discover answers to their own questions with a focus on developing critical thinking skills in all subjects.  I will also encourage the children to evaluate their own work and set goals for their learning. I believe in working with each individual student and small groups of children providing focused, on-level instruction. I insure that there is time for the children to play each day; to experience authentic experiences, discovery, collaboration, leadership and deep problem solving. When you visit kindergarten this year, my hope is that you will hear the happy hum of caring, confident five and six year olds engaged and enthusiastic about learning.  Finally, I believe that parents are the primary educators of their child and I look forward to a partnership with you during this fun and faith-filled year.