Mr. Royce Silverwood

Mr. Royce Silverwood is the eighth grade homeroom teacher. He teaches seventh and eighth grade religion, science, and math.  This is Royce’s fifteenth year at St. Brigid and twentieth year teaching in Catholic Schools.

Royce graduated from Wright State University with a  Bachelor of Science in Education Degree. He has also graduated from Hocking College with a degree in Natural Resources with a specialty in Ranger Services, and from Owens Community College with a certificate in Law Enforcement.

Teaching Philosophy and Style

As a  seventh and eighth grade teacher I focus on problem solving in the classroom to help the students ready themselves for high school.  I encourage the students to work together to help each other study for tests and quizzes.  I use group work and projects in the classroom to help the students learn from each other and to work together with others in a diverse group setting.

Each student is issued a Chromebook at the start of the year for school purposes.  We currently enjoy having our seventh and eighth grade science book and 7th grade math books and support materials online.  Using the Chromebook is an integral part of the classroom.  The students use the Chromebook for immediate research for question posed in class and to aid themselves in class discussion.

Google Docs and classroom are utilized to turn in papers and other homework. Tests and quizzes are also taken “online” in most classes.