Preschool Overview

Welcome to St. Brigid Preschool – a place where your child can learn and grow, both intellectually and spiritually. We encourage you to take the time to review our focus, goals and programs. Your child’s development is our sole priority. And our integrated approach to learning will give him/her a multi-faceted learning experience.


St. Brigid Preschool is committed to an environment developmentally appropriate for the young child age 3-5 years old. By working closely with parents, who are viewed as primary educators of their children, the preschool staff will assist each child to reach his or her maximum ability; spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Play is a fundamental part of our program as it is through play that children come to know and appreciate God’s world, learn cooperation, problem-solving, language and mathematics, develop curiosity, self-esteem, self-direction, and values


3-4 Year Old Full Day Program
(3 years old by September 30 and potty trained)
Tuesday and Thursday
7:45 am- 2:45 pm     

 4-5 Year Old Full Day Program                  
(4 years old by September 30 and potty trained)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
7:45 am -2:45 pm


  • To provide a positive initial preschool experience
  • To provide opportunities through play that are based on individual needs, interests, and abilities
  • To create a desire to learn
  • To develop a positive attitude toward self and others
  • To provide opportunities for growth spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically
  • To provide activities that are both self and teacher directed
  • To develop readiness skills for St. Brigid Kindergarten program


Licensure is through the Ohio Deptartment of Education and Workforce and is affiliated with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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