Tuition and Financial Aid

Parish-Assisted Tuition and Need-Based Assistance

The qualifications listed below are for the Parish Assisted Tuition Rate and refer to the tuition assistance that is available for all active parishioners who satisfy the requirements listed. Additional need-based assistance may also be available for your family for tuition at St. Brigid School. As a result of supplemental fundraising efforts, grants, and the generosity of parishioners, a fund has been established to assist those families who could not otherwise send their children to St. Brigid.  For example, in 2017-2018, one hundred one children from sixty eight families were given need based assistance totaling $212,000. It is the hope of the St. Brigid administration that financial concerns will not keep a family from enrolling their children in St. Brigid School. Please contact Jan Abel at 937-372-3193 to learn more about Tuition Assistance at St. Brigid School.  All information will be kept in strict confidence.

The following is the cost of your investment for your child’s education for 2019-20.  Please read the entire page for full information on Parish Aid and Need Based Aid so that we can help you make a fully informed decision for your family.

  • One (1) Student (parish assisted)         $3215
  • Two (2) Students (parish assisted)       $6125
  • Three (3) Students (parish assisted)    $8649
  • Four (4) Students (parish assisted)      $9473
  • Non parish assisted students               $5695 per student

There is a $50 new family, non-refundable registration fee due at the time of registration.

Qualifications for Parish Assisted Tuition Rate

Archbishop Pilarczyk’s letter of August 1997 to all pastors states:  “A parish school, in addition to providing religious instruction, also provides secular benefits (at a verifiable cost) which parishioners can rightly be expected to help pay for. Furthermore, a certain level of involvement on the part of the parents is an essential part of any school program. Therefore, it is appropriate for parishes to establish criteria of eligibility for ordinary access to the parish school. These criteria may include payment of tuition, participation in the liturgical life of the parish and in the parish’s other activities, some volunteer involvement in the school, etc.”

St. Brigid School is established to provide a religious and secular education for the children of parishioners of St. Brigid Parish. It is with this in mind that we have established the following criteria of eligibility for ordinary access to St. Brigid School.

  1. The parent(s)/guardians and students must be baptized Catholic and registered in the parish. To be registered in the parish means that an updated registration form is on file at the parish office; the family has completed and returned a Stewardship Intent card; the family receives mail from the parish; and the family has collection envelopes. (An exception to this criterion exists for parents/guardians who are active members of a parish other than St. Brigid that does not operate a parish school.  Please contact Jan Abel at the St. Brigid parish office for details regarding how your children can attent St. Brigid School at the parish assisted rate.)
  2. The parents/guardians must see that the students observe the obligation of Sunday and Holy Day Mass attendance.
  3. The parents/guardians must have demonstrated reasonable parish financial support, on a regular basis, during the previous 12-month period, by using their collection envelopes or personal checks in the weekly collection. The exception to this would be for families that have just recently moved into the parish before registering their students in school. The pastor will determine what is reasonable financial support.
  4. The parents/guardians must pay the established tuition.
  5. The parents/guardians must assist in parish fund raising events that benefit the school.

Persons who do not qualify for ordinary access to the parish school (e.g. non-Catholics, non-members of the parish, or parish members who do not fulfill the criteria outlined above) may be allowed access to St. Brigid School by payment of the full cost per student for tuition.


Ohio’s EdChoice program expanded four years ago to make a choice of a private school education available based on a family’s income. For the 2019-2020 school year, EdChoice Expansion Scholarships will be available to incoming kindergartners, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students whose family income meets established guidelines. The application opens February 1.

The original EdChoice was created to provide students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. Students from school districts that fall into this category are accepted at St. Brigid and all grades K-8 are covered.

EdChoice Expansion scholarships are not related to the performance of the local school district. They are based strictly on gross income. For example, a family of four that earns less than $50,200 would be eligible to send their kindergartner, first grader, second grader, third grader, fourth grader, fifth grader and/or sixth grader to St. Brigid and the tuition would be completely covered by the EdChoice scholarship. Each year the program will expand by one year so that students who start in the program can remain in the program through their school career. Once a family is in the program they can remain in the program even if their income increases. The scholarship would be adjusted to account for the increased income and the family would pay a portion of the tuition, but it would still be much less than the full tuition rate.

The gross income guidelines for 2018-19 are as follows. These may increase for 2019-20.

Number in Household             Gross Annual Income

2                                                        $32,920
3                                                        $41,560
4                                                        $50,200
5                                                        $58,840
6                                                        $67,480
7                                                        $76,120
8                                                        $84,760

For each additional person add:  $ 8,640


Further information is available by calling St. Brigid School at 937-372-3222 or visiting the Ohio Department of Education website at All information about family income and tuition payments is kept strictly confidential.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Grants

Tuition assistance grants became available directly from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Grants of $250, $500, $750, or $1000 per child were available based on financial need.  A total of 2 million dollars was allocated for the first year. In 2018-19 grants were awarded up to $1100. Parents must apply through FACTS which is the same company that will evaluate financial aid available from St.Brigid Parish. Applications will be accepted starting on November 5 and the cutoff date for Archdiocesan assistance is January 31. Additional information can be found at

FACTS Grant and Aid System



FACTS is accepting applications for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati grant awards for the 2019-2020 school year. The same application will be used by St. Brigid School for financial aid from the parish.