Mrs. Angel Harlow – Advanced Math/STEM Lab

Angel Harlow joined the faculty in 2010 as the advanced Math teacher for 7th and 8th grade. In 2018 she took over teaching Physical Education as well.  In 2023 while continuing to teach advanced math, she shifted from teaching PE to developing and teaching a STEM program at St. Brigid for all K-8 students. Mrs. Harlow is a product of Catholic education, having attended St. Anthony elementary school in Dayton and Chaminade-Julienne High School.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Horticulture with a minor in Art from Ohio State University.  She and her husband, J.R., have two children, Amelia and Charlie, who both attended St. Brigid School.

Mrs. Harlow was a naturalist for Greene County Parks before becoming the Master Gardener Coordinator for the Ohio State Extension Office in Greene County.  She states that, “I so enjoyed the teaching aspects of these jobs that I obtained my Substitute Teaching license and in 2010 I received my teaching certificate from the State of Ohio.”  Mrs. Harlow currently teaches 8th grade Algebra and 6th and 7th grade accelerated Math at St. Brigid as well as physical education for kindergarten through 8th grade.

Mrs. Harlow has coached basketball, baseball, and soccer.  She has been a Girl Scout leader at St. Brigid for seven years, and has volunteered on numerous committees.

What is STEM LAB?

In addition to teaching Advanced Mathematics, Mrs. Angel Harlow has moved into the
role of STEM Lab Teacher. She will plan and implement lessons for our K-8 students
using a learner-centered approach to teaching, providing students with a problem-based
and personalized learning experience.
Our students will engage in STEM education which uses the foundational practices and
skills essential to the core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics; skills that will challenge our students to think critically, design
solutions, and make evidence-based explanations through real-world authentic
learning experiences.
Students 2nd-8th will attend STEM Lab for 45 minutes once a week.. Students K-1st
will split their class with each half of the class attending STEM Lab for thirty minutes
once a week.

Current News

Technology Mission Statement

St. Brigid School is dedicated to the mission of teaching within the Catholic Church, and the schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, by creating an educational environment to prepare students for the future in faith formation, academics achievement, and personal growth through the use of emerging technologies.

Technology Vision Statement

St. Brigid School envisions a school that promotes technology use and integration within the curriculum. St. Brigid School aims to integrate technology according to appropriate grade levels in order to prepare and enhance student learning, now and in the future. Additionally, St. Brigid School envisions updating and enhancing all technological components, for students, faculty and stakeholders, to carry forth the vision of technological learning.