Mrs. Carol Keating – 2nd Grade

Mrs. Carol Keating is the Second Grade teacher. She has been a teacher at St. Brigid School for thirty-three years.  Mrs. Keating received her Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Miami University.  She attended the Ohio Writers’ Project at Miami University and received training in classroom management at Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska.

Second Grade is an exciting and challenging grade to teach!  We are always busy whether we are reading, writing, singing, exploring, or praying.  Our classroom is a bright, comfortable space with computers, desks, lockers, and a large rug for gathering and reading.  Students move throughout the classroom as they work in centers, at their desks, and on the carpet.  To foster self-discipline in my classroom, I follow the Boys Town approach called “The Well-Managed Classroom for Catholic Schools.”  The emphasis is on teaching classroom and social skills to students in a systematic way.  Students are effectively praised for desirable, on-task behavior.

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