Mrs. Julie Haynes

Mrs. Julie Haynes is the 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Haynes has been teaching for 30 years, all of them at St. Brigid School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education (K-12) from Wright State University.



Classroom Rules

  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Be respectful of others’ feelings and possessions
  • Keep quiet in the halls and restroom
  • Raise your hand to talk

Homework Policy

Homework may be assigned Monday – Thursday. Unless there is an upcoming test, there is usually no homework assigned on Fridays. All homework is written in the assignment notebook. A checkmark in the first box of each subject indicates that the child has the materials needed to complete the assignment. A checkmark in the second box indicates the child has completed that assignment.

Why is homework assigned? Homework helps reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. It teaches students responsibility and good study habits.

Incomplete Assignments

If a student does not complete his or her homework, a missing assignment form will be filled out and sent home. A parent must sign the form. The form and missing assignment are due the following day. If I feel that incomplete homework is becoming a habit and happening frequently, I will ask for a conference so that together we can figure out how to help the child become a more responsible student.

How can you help your child?

  • Work with math flashcards several times a week
  • Quiz your child on the weekly spelling words
  • Review vocabulary words several times a week
  • Check your child’s homework journal and look over the assignments
  • Read with your child. Spend 15 minutes reading to, listening to, or taking turns reading a book together.
  • Help your child learn to study at home. Teach him/her the things that worked for you and help your child discover what works for him/her.