Councils & Commissions

Parish Council

The Parish Council represents the people of the St. Brigid Parish community by making recommendations to the Pastor. Members are nominated and elected by the Parish community and serve three-year terms.

For more information contact:
Jason Hughes

The Parish Council oversees the following commissions:

Education Commission

The Education Commission develops and defines the policies which govern the operation of the Parish’s educational programs. The commission provides counsel and advice in the operation of the educational programs when appropriate and is a coordination body for all educational programs for St. Brigid Parish.

For more information contact:
Jackie Arnold
937-372-3193 / Parish Office

Finance Commission 

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to consult with the Pastor in financial matters. They receive and approve all annual budgets for the Parish.  They prepare an annual Parish budget consistent with the Parish financial plan.

For more information contact 
The Parish Office
937-372-3193 / Parish Office