St. Brigid Parish is supported by the many caring members who participate in and contribute to its life and well-being. Support to our Parish can be done through a number of options.

Historically, Catholics and others have practiced tithing. The concept reaches as far back as Jacob in Genesis who spoke, “and of all things that thou shalt give to me, I will offer tithes to thee.”  Tithing is the practice of giving away 10% of your income (tithe means “tenth”), usually to a charitable cause. The Catholic Church encourages members, individuals and families, to consider this giving practice.

Below are a variety of ways in which you can contribute financially to the long-term mission of our Parish. Remembering the 3-fold of “time, treasure, and talent,” please consider how you can provide support by donating funds, your time, and your skills.

Please see below for opportunities to contribute to the life of our parish.

There are many ways to donate to St. Brigid!  We accept the following:

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ACH Giving

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Financial Contributions

Sunday Offering

The St. Brigid Parish General Fund is supported through regular Sunday giving. Contributions can be made by using your collection envelopes or loose monies. This fund provides for the day-to-day operation of our Parish.

For more information contact

937-372-3193 / Parish Office

Educational Endowment

The purpose of the St. Brigid Education Endowment is to provide tuition assistance to our Parish grade school. The interest portion of the endowment is used for this purpose.

For more information contact
Beth Sticka
937-372-3193 / Parish Office

Memorial Program Fund

This fund provides an opportunity to memorialize loved ones far into the future. Our Parish community commits to future generations by supporting the management of and the physical structures of our Parish campus with these funds.

For more information contact:
Kay Berner
937-376-4025 / Home

Goods and Services

Goods and Services are non-monetary gifts that aid the parish in its ongoing faith mission. We welcome any Goods and Services that will assist St. Brigid Parish. Examples include: advertising space, printing donations, office supplies, and more.

For more information contact:
Beth Sticka
937-372-3193 / Parish Office

Planned Giving

A Planned Gift to St. Brigid Parish is a charitable gift during your lifetime or as part of your estate. Planned giving supports the work of the Parish today and endows a bright future. Assets most commonly used to fund a gift include cash, securities, closely held stock, retirement plan assets, real estate and life insurance.

Ways to give include:
Bequests in your Will or Trust
Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Memorials and Endowments
Pooled Income Funds

Whether you make a current or future gift to St. Brigid, there are ways to fulfill your long-term financial goals and still benefit St. Brigid. Create a gift plan that can benefit you and your family and have a meaningful impact on the St. Brigid community. A personal meeting with staff member Roger Duffy is a good way to explore your gift-planning options.

For more information contact 
Beth Sticka 
937-372-3193 / Parish Office

Time and Talent

Listed here are fundraisers and volunteer opportunities with contact information.  You can also call the Parish Office regarding any of these events and activities.

Fish Fry during Lent           Parish Office          372-3193
Festival in May                    Jason Hughes          901-6707
Bazaar in November           Parish Office          372-3193
Breakfast with Santa          Dee Brown              372-3222
Mass Server                                                            372-3193
Memorial Program             Kay Berner              376-4025
Wednesday Work Group   Greg Orban             372-3193
Landscape                             Greg Orban            372-3193
Lector                                     Fr. Cordonnier      372-3193
Eucharistic Minister           Fr. Cordonnier      372-3193
PSR Volunteer                     Janell Klippel         372-3193
Visiting Home-Bound       Janell Klippel         372-3193

All that is good,
all that is true,
all that is beautiful,
all that is beneficent,
be it great or small,
be it perfect or fragmentary, natural as well as supernatural, moral as well as material, comes from God
— Cardinal John Henry Newman