Miss Hannah Vaive

Hello! My name is Miss Hannah Vaive, and I am so excited to be the Kindergarten teacher at St. Brigid Catholic School. I am thrilled to begin my teaching journey at St. Brigid, and look forward to being a part of such an amazing community. Kindergarten is such a special time where learning, friendship, and growth all come together! Prior to being at St. Brigid, I have recently graduated from the University of Dayton with my bachelors degree(s) in Early Childhood Education (PK-5) and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (PK-5). I call Cincinnati, OH home, but fell in love with the Dayton area during my four years at UD. I have been in religious education my entire life. Starting with grade school in the public school setting while attending Catholic Religious Ed. classes after school, to an all girls Catholic High School in Cincinnati, to the University of Dayton. I am truly blessed to have received such a wonderful Catholic education, and know that it has shaped me into the person I am today. Along with my faith, I am passionate about music, nature, and of course, teaching! I was a part of my church’s choir all throughout high school, and just recently spent the past 4 years in University of Dayton’s All Female Acapella Group! I love being outside, going on hikes, and exploring the wonderful Earth we live on. 

Teaching Philosophy:

I have always wanted to become an educator, but through my time at UD and in my student teaching placement is where I truly found my purpose and my “why” for wanting to become a teacher. I want to create a class of problem solvers and independent thinkers. I believe when students are self-reliant, they can discover and explore their curiosities, and realize they can achieve hard things! Inviting students to try tasks themselves before intervening or asking them to think about things in a new light are all ways I try to implement this problem-solver thinking in my classroom. I am always amazed by how resilient and inventive students are. I am truly constantly learning from my students, and they are all a gift from God! 

Another goal of mine in my classroom is to constantly differentiate the learning environment, because education is not “one size fits all”. Throughout my own experiences as a student and now stepping into the teacher role, I have seen a lot of wonderful growth towards meeting students where they are academically, and helping work towards meeting their own individual goals. Something I implement in my classroom is using a variety of hands-on activities and modalities to help students learn in a variety of ways. This helps each individual student find what works best for them. Filling my classroom with a variety of modalities (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) along with sensory activities for students to be able to be hands-on with their learning are all things I will have in my classroom. 

Again, I am looking forward to my first year as a teacher at St. Brigid, and can’t wait for all the wonderful experiences with this community. If you ever would like to get in touch or have any specific questions about St Brigid Kindergarten, please feel free to email myself at hvaive@stbrigidxenia.org, or contact the school office.